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Larijani urges using post-sanctions era’s opportunities

8 May 2016 8:22



Majlis (Iranian parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani called for cooperation of the Iranians to pave the way for economic prosperity of the country in post-sanctions era.

“We should make use of good economic capacities, young and skilled manpower, security and appropriate geographical location of the country,” Larijani said.

The parliament speaker underlined the need for massive and precise investment, making use of advanced sciences and technologies and effective role-playing in regional issues, and said, “The increasing economic power, progress in modern sciences and technologies as well as role-playing in regional developments can give Iran a special position in the region and in the world and turn Iran into an all-encompassing and newly-emerged power in the region.”

Larijani pointed to the fact that the country’s conditions can become favorable when it will be based on observing ethics, and said, “Different institutions should maintain their principles and this will provide good grounds for boosting cooperation.”

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