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Terroists ISIL Attempting to Establish Base in Western Afghanistan

10 May 2016 15:46



A senior Afghan police commander warned that the ISIL is attempting to establish a command center and positions in the Western parts of Afghanistan, and urged the Kabul government to take immediate action to stop the terrorist group.

“The ISIL is trying to prepare Ghor province as a center for coordination to increase integrity among its members in Western Afghanistan and extend its terrorist plots this way,” Deputy Police Commander of Ghor province Aman Azimi told FNA on Tuesday.

Stressing that the Afghan forces are capable of confronting security threats, he said, “The central government should take immediate action to send more forces to cleanse the region from the ISIL terrorists.”

In relevant remarks in April, a senior Russian diplomat warned that the ISIL terrorist group has dramatically increased its presence in Afghanistan and is preparing to expand into other Central Asian countries and Russia.

The presence of ISIL in Afghanistan, is a significant security threat, said Zamir Kabulov, the head of the Asia and Middle East department of the Russian foreign ministry, who also serves as special envoy of the Russian president to Afghanistan.

“There are now 10,000 ISL fighters in Afghanistan. A year ago there was a hundred. This growth over a year is huge,” he said.

“The Afghan branch of ISIL is definitely specialized against Central Asia. Russian is even one of their working languages,” Kabulov added. “They are being trained against Central Asia and Russia.”

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