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Saudi Crown Prince is a drug lord and addict: activist

11 May 2016 18:02



The famous Saudi blogger and social media activist, Mujtahid, said that the drug cartel in Saudi Arabia are members of the royal family, revealing that Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, is a drug addict himself. In a series of tweets on his heavily-followed Twitter account, Mujtahid informed that drugs seized by Saudi authorities account only for 10% of those distributed inside the kingdom.

This, according to him, is due to the fact that drug lords and dealers and immune and protected by the judicial system and media as well. “The biggest drug lords are from Al Saud; they make use of their status as members of the royal family to import and distribute drugs.

This business yields a fortune…and people…to hell with them!!”, he tweeted. “The unpublished statistics about the number of addicts in schools, universities, military and police personnel are terrifying”, he added. The controversial blogger also disclosed that the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, is not only protecting and supervising the cartel, but also making personal gains from such lucrative trade.

“It is no surprise that Bin Nayef is personally patronizing the drug tycoons when we realize that he himself is addicted to several kinds. He has been to a rehabilitation center in Europe twice when his father was still alive. It seems he needs to be there soon”. The shocking remarks come after the arrested Saudi anti-drug officer spoke about highly influential figures in the Interior Ministry forming a mafia for drug trade.


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