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Iran President: All three branches follow country’s development under Imam Khamenei’s supervision

12 May 2016 6:40



President Rouhani lashed out at promoting polarity and opposition among authorities as following the path of the enemies and said: “All three branches are following the path of the country’s development under a powerful Leader’s supervision”.

During the meeting that was held in Kerman city on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Wounded veterans are the best teachers of life. Our Supreme Leader’s disability is an honour for all and a source of serenity for the nation”.

Stressing that some are fostering despair instead of hope in the society, he said: “We should not reward and provide opportunities for the enemies by repeating their words”.

Dr Rouhani added: “In a situation where the world are looking for interaction with Iran, belittling the country with taxpayers’ money is surprising”.

President also underlined that “we believe that peace is meaningful only under authority, we do not chant slogans” and said: “Enforcing domestic production and economic and technological interaction is necessary for swift realisation of Economy of Resistance”.

He also mentioned that Kerman province enjoys specific features and capabilities and said: “If we all join hands for the development and progress of the province, we can take steps for its further development, using the ample attractions and capabilities and entrepreneurs”.

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