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Iran’s Hassan Rouhani: Public to be informed about ‘frozen asset details’

12 May 2016 9:42


May 11 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has reiterated his former remarks that Iran will file a lawsuit in International Court of Justice against US appropriating Iranian assets.

President Rouhani is in Kerman province along his cabinet to address the provincial projects. He attended a press conference on Wednesday morning in the last day of his 2-day visit. He told reporters that the cabinet had established a committee to address appropriation by the US of Iranian assets on the pretext of a verdict by a local court. He condemned the act as immoral and unfounded and said that Iran would file a lawsuit against the US court in the Hague International Court of Justice.
“The assets of the Central Bank is inviolate and should not be appropriated or abused; the Central Bank failed to timely deducing the assets from American banks and it subjected the assets to the access by the US government,” Rouhani told the press conference. “The public will be informed through a report about the latest developments in asset case.”

On a question of his government’s action about the case of Ms. Minou Khaleghi, one of Isfahan’s winner candidates in the Parliament elections, Rouhani told the press that the Ministry of the Interior Affairs would address the issue further; “we should not abort the hopes of so many people who have invested their hope in this government; this is a heresy to discredit votes of a candidate who has won over 200,000 votes. It provides grounds for future violation of the constitutional rights of citizens on pretexts which bare hold true and based on reports by unauthentic sources about the private conduct of citizens,” Rouhani emphasized.

Rouhani’s stance comes amid recent news of a decision made by an upper body of state supervision Inter-Branch Issues Regulating Body which is responsible to settle the disagreements between different branches of power. The body has confirmed the Guardian Council’s verdict of discrediting Minou Khaleghi’s votes and the decision would come into effect when Leader of the Isalmic Revolution communicates it.

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