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IRGC commander: Iranians never ceased defending Islamic revolution

12 May 2016 18:01



Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy lauded the Iranian nation’s resistance and support for the revolution.

 ‘The people of Iran have proved their standing up and defending the revolution,’ Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said, addressing a ceremony here on Wednesday.

He reiterated that today Iran owes its security to the martyrs, and said, ‘The US and the global arrogance have come to the conclusion that they cannot achieve their goals in Syria and Iraq, because Iran is standing beside these two countries.’

Admiral Fadavi said that the enemies have tested all means for confronting the Islamic Iran and they never become disappointed and they are always looking for a new way to confront Iran so ‘we have to close all ways of penetration.

He underlined the importance of safeguarding the Islamic Revolution in today’s world, and said, ‘The path of the Islamic Revolution is quite clear and combat should be explicit and clear because the revolution and arrogance do not come beside each other.’

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