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Sunni cleric warns against Takfiri infiltration in Iran’s Kurdish areas

12 May 2016 17:56



Mamusta Qader Qaderi, Sunni prayer leader of Paveh city, warned against infiltration of Takfiri (excommunication) and atheist movements in the Kurdish-inhibited areas calling for efforts for studies into features and necessities of each era, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He stressed familiarization with each era as a mission for all political and religious elites so that they do not lag behind the latest changes in the world.

Sunni figure referred to threats of Takfiri movements, particularly ISIL, and added,” It is almost three years that ISIL has targeted regional countries with the objective of promoting Islamophobia and also invading the minds of younger generation.”

He called ISIL as the illegal offspring of the US warning that world arrogant powers will not involve in s so-called anti-ISIL campaign before it spreads its offspring across the globe.

The cleric warned that the life of Takfir and excommunication moves is short but the ideology of ISIL will survive.

Mamusta Qaderi praised clerics as troops in the battle ground against Takfir and atheistic ideologies calling all religious figures to rise for confrontation with the extremist movement.

Prominent Sunni scholar also counted religious provocations, stirred by foreign enemies carried out by their puppets inside the country, sectarian, ethnic and national prejudices as other jeopardizes which threat Kurdish areas and said the potential threat should be stemmed before it grows into a true danger.

He also hailed the contributions of the Kurdish people highlighting the all out efforts of the community for maintaining the security of the country.

The Sunni cleric concluded with expressions of gratitude for endeavors of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought calling for expansion of the efforts for promotion of the services for all.

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