Islamic Invitation Turkey
       18 March 2018 - Sunday - 30 Jumada al-Thani 1439 | 17/03/2018 (37) 16/03/2018 (42) 15/03/2018 (37) 14/03/2018 (43) 13/03/2018 (26) Total: 135,402 content        Facebook Twitter Youtube

Turkey trained, armed USA’s moderate rebels massacred civilians in a village in Syria


Here are your so called moderate rebels after they over ran a village in ‪Syria‬. Their only crime was remaining defiant in the face of sectarian death squads. Show the world the true face of this illegitimate “opposition” where they only know murder not dialogue, oppression not freedom. These photos are served to the people of the World by zionist servant media, especially Turkish media, as crimes by Assad.

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