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Syrian Army Destroys Tunnels East of Damascus, Kills Terrorists Inside

14 May 2016 13:53



The Syrian army units in Eastern Ghouta blew up several tunnels dug by terrorist groups for the easier transfer of weapons, ammunition and forces across the region.

The Syrian soldiers, operating in Eastern Ghouta near Nouleh, Zabdean, Deir al-Assafir, Bala and al-Ruqabiyeh farms, discovered several tunnels of the terrorist groups and detonated them.

Syrian Army announced minutes ago that its troops and their popular allies continued to drive the terrorist groups back from more territories in Eastern Ghouta and cut off two main supply routes of the militants in the region after hours of tough battle.

“The Syrian army repelled attacks of Jeish al-Islam on the government forces’ positions near Nouleh, Zabdean and the Sothern side of Deir al-Assafir, which ended in the killing of at least 34 militants and wounding of several more,” the sources said, adding, “In the meantime, the Syrian military forces pushed the terrorist groups back from the residential areas in surroundings of Katibeh Bala and cut the communication line of the terrorists between Zabdean and Bala.”

“After repelling the attacks of the terrorist groups, the Syrian army stormed the militants’ lines of defense and retook the farms in the Southwestern part of Nouleh,” the sources went on to say.

“The army, meanwhile, stormed strongholds of the terrorist groups and cut off another supply line of them connecting al-Ruqabiyeh farms to the axis of Deir al-Assafir,” the sources said.

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