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Mishaal: Resistance strategic route for the liberation of Palestine

16 May 2016 7:59


Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal called Saturday for adopting a national strategy based on Palestinian constants, mainly the adherence to land, national unity, and resistance option.

Mishaal’s statements came in a video-taped speech to the Palestinian Conference to maintain National Constants held in Gaza on Saturday marking the 68th anniversary of Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).

He stressed that resistance option is a natural, national, and religious right and the strategic route for the liberation of Palestine.

He also stressed the importance of the Palestinian people’s adherence to their land and unity despite the Israeli massacres and wars.

“Israeli occupation has no legitimacy on our land regardless of the lapse of time,” he added.

There is no separate state in Gaza Strip or in the West Bank, the Hamas leader said, and called for ending the internal division and holding general elections as soon as possible.

The challenges faced by the Palestinian cause need more support to the Jerusalem Intifada and resistance option, Mishaal underlined, stressing that his Movement will never recognize the Israeli occupation.

Palestine is a holy and blessed land that has historical and cultural roots, he said. On the other hand, Mishaal renewed his Movement’s vision towards the general Palestinian situation which is based on national unity and ending internal division.

He also stressed the importance of reforming the state institutions on democratic basis. “We are all partners in responsibly.”

The Head of Hamas’s political bureau called on all Palestinian factions and national forces to work together according to a united strategy based on the Palestinian people’s national constants and legitimate rights.

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