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Iraqi Forces Kill 15 ISIL Militants in Western Anbar, 3 Car Bombs Destroyed

17 May 2016 15:53



Iraqi Joint Security Forces Command in Anbar Province announced killing 15 members of the ISIL terrorist group and destructing three booby-trapped vehicles West of Ramadi, while indicated to the advance of the military troops in various battlefields in the county.

“The joint forces from the army, police and al-Jazeera Operations were able to carry out a large-scale military operation against ISIL gatherings Northeast of Barwana vicinity,” the commander of Anbar Operations, Gen. Ali Ibrahim Dabon said in a statement, Iraqi News reported.

The commander also noted that, “the operation resulted in the killing of 15 ISIL elements and the destruction of three booby-trapped vehicles.”

“The security forces made significant military results in Haditha axes and Baghdadi vicinity,” pointing out that, “The security forces are advancing in their liberation battles in Rutba District in Western Anbar with an active participation of tribal fighters” Dabon added.

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