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Iran hosts 33rd International Qur’an Competition

18 May 2016 15:30



International Competitions on the Holy Qur’an is annually held in Iran and bring together many non-Muslim European and Asian nations.

The Qur’an consists in its 114 chapters, the total of revelations, as believed to have been communicated to Prophet Mohammad who was believed to be illiterate, as the final expression of Allah’s will and purpose for man. Iran is hosting the 33rd international Qur’an competition from May 11th through 17th in Mosalla, Tehran.

One reason for choosing this venue, by the organizers of this auspicious event, being the Iranian Organization for (Religious) Endowments and Charitable Affairs, has been the record and fervid reception given to these competitions by various Islamic countries, and the need to arrange for a larger arena, befitting a wider international participation.

This year, participants from 74 countries have partaken in the international Qur’an Match. A total of 130 competitors are pitting their Qur’anic skills against each other in the three main sections of memorization, recitation and this new section which is memorization by the visually-handicapped memorizers.

Qur’an has been the source of Iran’s revolution and hence the framework of the constitution. The Iranian Constitution’s Guardian Council, has the vested duty of ensuring the compatibility of Iranian law and parliamentary ratifications with the precepts of the Islamic legal code and principles of the Holy Qur’an.

A great part of the Iranian artistic scene is essentially devoted to various Qur’an-inspired art-forms namely, Illuminated Qur’anic pages and Qur’anic calligraphy practice, among others . Since the emergence of Islam, Iranian artists withheld their routine practices and employed their skills to adorn buildings and scriptures in an unparalleled manner that is not seen in any other Islamic country.

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