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Syrian Forces Win Back 2 Strategic Towns Near Marj al-Sultan Airbase

20 May 2016 8:51



The Syrian Army backed by Hezbollah and National Defense Forces (NDF) seized back control of two strategic towns of al-Zina and Hauz al-Homsi near the recently-captured military airport of Marj al-Sultan in Eastern Ghouta.

Different heavy and light weapons were used by the Syrian forces and their allies during clashes with the terrorists which killed and injured tens of militants.

The Syrian army also took control of Qanveh building in Bayaz village in Sha’ba region and a number of other blocks in front of the agricultural ministry’s office in the region.

Military sources announced on Tuesday that the Syrian army troops and popular forces, in a fresh round of joint offensives, hit the terrorist groups’ positions hard in Eastern Ghouta and forced the militants to retreat from a strategic town in the region.

“The terrorist groups left behind scores of the dead and injured member and pulled the remaining pockets of their forced from Hosh al-Khatib,” the sources said, adding, “Recapture of Hosh al-Khatib will put terrorist groups in Deir al-Assafir under more pressure.”

Marj al-Sultan region is home to one of the most important airbases in Central Syria with the same name, therefore, the government forces have done their best in the recent weeks to restore full security to the region which can be considered as a Central command in anti-terrorism campaign.

On November 12, the Syrian army and popular forces completely pushed back the militant groups from Marj al-Sultan Airbase and its surroundings, scoring their second groundbreaking victory after lifting the ISIL siege of Kuweires airbase in Aleppo province a few days earlier.

Syrian army forces entered Marj al-Sultan military airbase in Eastern Ghouta on November 10, and brought the base under full control two days later.

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