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‘Securing justice is what Imam Mahdi will accomplish’

23 May 2016 18:59



The Friday prayers leader of Rasht and the Representative of Supreme Leader in Gilan Province, Ayatollah Zein al-Abideen Qurbbanie underscored, ” Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) will secure justice and accomplish the set aims has been forwarded by his previous infallibles,” reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Addressing a ceremony mounted to mark to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), the religious cleric congratulate all Muslims on this
Blissful event.

Millions of Iranians across the country are holding special ceremonies to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him). With this connection, Ayatollah Zein al-Abideen Qurbbanie urged people to provide the way in the meantime for the emergence of Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him).

“God Almighty has created the world on the basis of justice, but He did not coerce human king to move towards this system,” pointed out Ayatollah Zein al-Abideen Qurbbanie.

The Representative of Supreme Leader in Gilan Province went on to add, “Securing justice was the lifetime mission upon all infallible prophets (PBUT) and on account plagued milieu of those times, they could not achieve their set targets.”

Ayatollah Zein al-Abideen Qurbbanie demanded people not to have dismissive attitude toward Islamic instructions, urging them to abide by Islamic teachgings and principles. In his line, If Muslims’deeds were good, then this would ultimately be the source of happiness of , Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him).

According to the Friday prayers leader of Rasht, “With rapturous devotion to their duty, Muslims try their utmost to pave the way and provide the ground for reviving peace, administering justice and ridding the world of evil.

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