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Fadlallah, “The blood of all the martyrs was the awareness of every person, the understanding of Islam in its entirety,”

24 May 2016 22:34

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An excerpt from his eminence Sayyed Fadlallah (ra) speech, which he delivered on Liberation Day (25 May, 2000) in Bint Jbeil:

“All praise be to God who fulfilled the people’s expectations. All praise be to God who gave the martyrs blood – the movement, openness, ability and power against all the arrogant. The blood of all the martyrs, who were the backbone of this victory, wasn’t just flowing with red blood. It was the awareness of every person, the understanding of Islam in its entirety, and a conscience encompassing all spiritual and human values. The blood of these martyrs did not move to face the enemy with a rigid type of Jihad, rather it lived through the political conscience, in more than any other Arab vicinity. The value of this blood was vested in the fact that it did not look for a consumer voice, instead it sought human freedom herein. And the value of this blood lies in the fact it was full of love, holding no grudges even against those who stood against it. It called them: “return to your land, to your people and to your parents.”

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