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Enemies of Islam are in pursuit of their hostile targets by spreading intrigue among Muslims



Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Mehdi Ghoreishi, representative of the Supreme Leader in Western Azerbaijan Province, said enemies are in pursuit of their hostile targets by spreading intrigue among Muslims calling Muslim scholars to stand against expansion of enemies’ thoughts, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The cleric stressed,” We should not let marginal issues bring quarrel or dispersion among different Islamic denominations.”

He expressed regret over occasional cases of disagreement in observation of moon (particularly to announce beginning or ending of Ramdan) between Shia and Sunni communities warning that as a likely issue to tarnish cooperation and solidarity of Muslims.

The cleric hailed joint religious conferences between different ethnic groups as a step to dissolve dispersion and bring more cooperation among Shia and Sunni scholars extending hope for boosting cooperation and unity among Muslims across the globe.

Prayer leader of Urumiyah added,” At present some people, by pursuing their personal interests, are in search of expanding division, conflicts and clashes among Muslims as unfortunately we are witness to bloodshed among Muslim brothers which is not approved by Islam.”

“Dispersion is only beneficial for the arrogant powers and enemies of Islam.” said the cleric and added,” There is no space for fratricide in Islam and we should not let enemies to achieve their targets.” demanding scholars to stand against expansion of enemies’ ideologies.

Prayer leader of Urumiyeh noted moon observation as basis for setting the time for religious rituals in the holy book of Islam and stressed,” Muslim scholars should prevent dispersion and spread of disagreement over Sharia avoiding any politicization of moon observation or marking the months.”

He called Ramadan as the month for sacred feast of God Almighty and best time to get closer to God.

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