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Religious cleric urges Muslims to promote unity against plots

25 May 2016 14:39



The Friday prayers leader of Kirmanshah Ayatollah Mostafa Ulima lectured US officials for their willful policies stressing in the present situation unity among Muslims would be the sole way against plots hatched by enemies, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Ayatollah Mostafa Ulima highlighted, “Nowadays the international colonial powers especially the U.S and the regime of Zionism are promoting Islamophobia to malign Islam.”

“Given that Muslims should be too well united to counter them at the present situation acting swiftly and cautiously to this very end,” pointed out the religious cleric.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the province Kirmanshah underlined, “Muslims enjoy so many commonalties, thereupon these shared principles can provide them with a way for gaining triumph in the long run.”

The religious cleric highlighted the leading role of Quran and Ahlalbayt to this end stressing, “Resorting to the holy book of Quran can be held as the reflection of unity among Muslims.

“The holy book Quran should be held close to our hearts and minds so that we can solve the standing setbacks and problems,” highlighted the grand Ayatollah.

In his line, those who fell silent cannot disavow involvement in the violence, since their silence provide the groundwork for enemies to fulfill their malignant aims. Given that, “it is incumbent upon each one of us to make a move and preserve unity so as to put an end to the standing crises,” highlighted Ayatollah Mostafa Ulima.

The Friday prayers leader of Kirmanshah demanded Muslims to stop short of highlighting their minute differences and boost proximity so as to gain momentum in various areas.

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