Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Saudi Aerial Special Forces in Turkey’s Konya City

25 May 2016 12:11

saudi special forces in turkey
Saudi Special Forces Colonel Mohammad Ali Al Shahre stated that the joint drill will be one of the biggest military one across the world. According to the Turkish authorities, 10 countries including USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany will take partin the joint drill which will last 21 days.


MOHAMMAD ARMY LED BY SAUDI ARABIA israeli army israeli army2 mohammad army islamic army


KSA, Turkey- led Islamic Army never to shoot one bullet to Israel

Saudi, Turkey-led Islamic Army or Greater Israel Army?
The coalition named “Islamic Amry” of 32 so-called Islamic countries led by Saudi Arabia an Islamic Army? If it is named as Islamic Army then It will fight against enemies of Islam. Right?
Now, let’s name the enemies of Islam. Israel, the governments of USA, England, Germany, France and other Western countries have been enemies of Islam for decades, centuries. And now let’s look at the weapons, aircrafts, fighter jets, tanks, missiles, etc in the hands “Islamic Army” of those 32 countries. It is well known that all the weapons, aircarfts, fighter jets, tanks, missiles, etc of the so-called Islamic Army have been supplied by the enemies of Islam mentioned above. What kind of Islamic Army is this? Now that the countries that formed this “Islamic Army” have good relations with enemies of Islam, which countries are the target of this so-called Islamic Army?

Yes, they named this army as Islamic one just the way ISIL terrorists name their atrocities as Islamic even their name as “Islamic State”. They have been beheading innocent people by screaming “Allaho Akbar” while they call themselves as Islam.
Saudi-led Islamic Army also call themselves as Islam while all the governments of this coalition are backed by enemies of Islam. What kind of Islam is this? May be American Islam at service of Israel and America. “…let not that deceiver to deceive you BY ALLAH!” (Surah Al-Fatr, Ayat 5) This Saudi-led Army is deceiving people BY ALLAH to form a power against Mohammadi Islam, the Islam of Resistance, the Islam that help enemies of Israel, the Islam that helps, arms, finance oppressed Palestine.
Will this Saudi, Turkey-led Islamic Army shoot just one bullet to the top enemy of Islam? Can this army shoot one bullet to Israel the top enemy of Islam? How can a country that is backed by Israel led an Islamic Army? What about Turkish, Egyptian Government? Are they Islam? Are Saudi Kings muslims or Jews? Saudi King Faisal to Washington Post in 1969, “Jews are our cousins, they are our father’s brother’s sons,” How can we name this army as an Islamic? DAJJAC ARMY, ABRAHA ARMY, SFYAN ARMY, NATO ARMY, ARMY OF ENEMIES OF ISLAM of course okay but “Islamic” name for this army impossible.
Another very important point is that why do not enemies of Islam fear of this Islamic Army led by Saudi, and Turkey? Why do the enemies of Islam give weapons to an Army that will (never) target enemies of Islam? Why does Israel support this Islamic (?) Army?
Did you know the common feature of the governments of those countries formed Islamic Army led by Saudi Arabia and Turkey? All of them have good relations with Israel. All of them accept Israel as an ally. All of them recognizes Occupation Israel as a state, which means they do not recognize Palestine because Israel also does not recognize Palestine.
How sincere are the countries involved in this coalition while they all host the military bases of enemies of Islam? All the countries of this Saudi, Turkey-led Islamic Army have many NATO and USA military bases in their land.
An Army that is not against Slaughterer, Invader, Killer Israel can never be an Islamic one instead DAJJAC ARMY, ABRAHA ARMY, SFYAN ARMY, NATO ARMY, ARMY OF ENEMIES OF ISLAM.
All of these countries are under service of Israel and USA with one aim. To destroy Islamic Resistance in the region led by Islamic Republic of Iran. Almost all these countries declared Hezbollah Resistance against Israel as a terrorist group while they have done nothing for oppressed people of Palestine. All of the governments of this coalition have done nothing for oppressed muslims of Palestine in reality and now they name themselves as Islamic Army. NO NEVER.
“…And soon the ones who did injustice will know by whatever overturning (Inqılab) they will be overturned.” Surah Shuara, 227
“And soon that gathering will be defeated and they will turn their back.” Surah Qamar, 45


EXC.FILE: Did you know that ‘israel’ use Turkish land for military purpose?

turkey lifted veto over israel


Jerusalem interprets the Turkish decision as another sign that Ankara desires to normalize relations with Israel.
After years of delays, Israel may open offices in its Brussels headquarters, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization advised Jerusalem on Tuesday, and may complete the process of credentials for its representatives, the Foreign Ministry stated.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed during the weekly Likud ministers meeting on Wednesday that the decision to allow Israel to open the offices was enabled after Turkey rescinded the veto it had imposed in recent years on any Israeli activity with NATO.

Israel is not a member of NATO but is a country with which the international alliance has close ties. According to NATO’s rules for collaborating with unaffiliated countries, unanimous consent of the member nations is necessary.
After the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident in May 2010, in which nine Turkish civilians on the ship trying to break the Gaza blockade were killed, Turkey instituted sanctions against Israel, one of which was to constrain Israeli activity with NATO. Turkey, a member of NATO, announced shortly after the flotilla incident that it opposed any collaboration between NATO and Israel, especially in military matters.

Consequently, moves to open an Israeli representation in NATO’s headquarters were suspended, as were joint projects between Israel and the organization. Israel’s participation in joint exercises was also frozen. Turkey rejected heavy pressure from the U.S. and other countries to soften its position.

Jerusalem interprets Turkey’s decision to lift the veto as another sign of Ankara’s desire to reconcile with Israel and normalize relations, a senior Israeli source said. Just last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made upbeat comments regarding reconciliation with Israel.


The sources below may help you understand the event better.

erdogan is a jew

Abdüllatif Şener (born 1954) is a Turkish politician. He was Minister of Finance of Turkey from 1996 to 1997 and Deputy Prime Minister from 2002 to 2007, under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The following archieve may help you understand the situation better


VIDEO- Turkey’s ally Slaughterer Israel killed another 2 young in Hebron

Although the oppression of Slaughterer Israel is open, Sunni faced Wahhaby governments have good relations with this KILLER israel!!!

what is zionism

zionist israel

erdogan and israel

Following archive may help you to understand the news above better.


abraha army

Palestinian mothers

palestine resist



Pak Army

pakistan defence minister

ankara bombing

greater israel

Here the photo with Turkey


Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, shortly after Israel left the Strip. Since then, for nearly a decade, Israel has been trying to break Hamas’ spirit through the blockade, prevent it from arming itself with ballistic missiles and other weapons and topple its rule. All these attempts have failed. During this period, Israel waged three difficult battles against the Hamas government (Operation Cast Lead in January 2008, Pillar of Defense in November 2012 and Protective Edge in July 2014) and failed to defeat it. Experts estimate that Hamas has already rebuilt a large part of its abilities.

An attempt to defeat Hamas, kill its leaders and leave the area again will cause more radical elements to rise to power, like the Iran-supported Islamic Jihad.
As part of the agreement, Israel will demand that Turkey take responsibility for preventing the infiltration of weapons and arms into Gaza, and if it does assume such a responsibility, it will likely be strictly fulfilled.

People of Turkey are asking why the bomb blasts in Turkey never target the authorities and how these vehicles are able to enter cities, especially, capital city. Are these blasts organized beforehand to give excuses for an open attack on Syria? It is very interesting that these blasts came after the meeting between Erdogan and global zionist lobbies on February 9, 2016? Does this blast have any links withe the Saudi toops deployment to Turkey?

ankara tel aviv embassy

hamas saleh aruri

Israeli President Shimon Peres (L) toasts with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul (C) and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during their official dinner in Ankara, 12 November 2007. Israeli President Shimon Peres pledged today that his country would work for a tangible result at an upcoming US-sponsored Middle East peace conference, saying that the Jewish state is ready to make peace with the Palestinians. AFP PHOTO / ADEM ALTAN (Photo credit should read ADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images)



Turkey- Israel theatre OVER- Israeli soldiers to relieve tiredness of killing Gazans by freshwater of Turkey.



hypocrites in Qur'an

zionist lobbies

who is Daesh


maida 82 siyonist adl


Exclusive- Erdogan stated that they had been informed about the attack on Yemen beforehand. Erdogan, “Turkey has a mission in Middle East. What is that (mission)? We are the one of the co-chair of Greater Middle East and North Africa Initiative. And we are fulfilling our mission.” RTE March 04, 2006

The Brutalities and crimes committed by Zionist Saudi regime and supported by Erdogan who says, ‘ATTACK REACHED ITS GOAL’

Erdogan, “I think, the military attack that we have been supporting from the beginning seems to have reached its goal and we hope this attack will start the process of political solution,”

For YouTube Link:

Besir ATALAY, the Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of AKP, is confessing how their government supported, established so-called opposition HDP party which is another branch of Zionist Barzani.

Atalay: Er, all studies have been prepared and laws are made for the return of those people who live abroad and in the mountains (reffering to the PKK). A big role is given to HDP (so-called pro-Kurdish Party). HDP was BDP at one time. We (AKP) gave them an efficient role in politics. Actually, they got lots of stick in the beginning during their studies at the Parliament. WE IMPOWERED THEM IN A SENSE.


These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack but…

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