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Ansarullah, Saudi-backed terrorists clashes claim lives of 50 in southern Yemen

30 May 2016 6:00



Around 50 people have been killed as clashes erupt between Ansarullah troops and terrorists backed by Saudi forces in south Yemen.

The fighting broke out on Sunday as Houthi forces launched an attack on the Hadi loyalists — backed by Saudi forces — in the Bayhan region located on the border between the country’s Shabwah and Ma’rib provinces.

According to reports, 28 Ansarullah forces and 20 loyalists were killed in the firefight.

The loyalists released a different death toll, announcing that a total of 69 people died in the clashes, 22 of whom were pro-Hadis.

Yemen has seen almost daily military attacks by Saudi Arabia since late March 2015. More than 9,400 people have been killed and at least 16,000 others injured since the onset of the aggression. Saudi Arabia launched its offensive against Yemen in a bid to bring Hadi, a staunch ally of the Riyadh regime, back to power and undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

A Yemeni man inspects the damage inside a building hit by a Saudi airstrike in the capital Sana’a, on February 27, 2016. (AFP)

The Sunday incident occurred despite a ceasefire between the warring sides which has been in place since April. Moreover, UN-mediated talks are being held in Kuwait between representatives of the Saudi-backed former regime and a delegation comprised of the Houthi Ansarullah movement and allies.

However, the Houthis have refused to give in, setting their own preconditions, including a full halt to aerial and ground attacks by Saudi Arabia.

A handout picture released by the Kuwaiti information ministry on April 22, 2016 and taken on April 21, 2016 in Kuwait city shows members of the Houthi Ansarullah movement and representatives of the Saudi-backed former regime taking part in a meeting as part of the UN-brokered peace talks. (AFP)

The Houthi delegation on Saturday submitted a protest to the UN officials against Saudi Arabia’s attacks, saying such blatant cases of truce violation could lead to a full collapse of the peace talks.

Sources in the capital Sana’a said the Houthis were pondering a withdrawal from the talks if the other side keeps breaching the terms of the truce.

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