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Rafsanjani: Iran’s missile industry is of defensive nature

2 June 2016 6:50



Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Wednesday that Iran’s missile industry is of defensive nature.

Issues such as human rights and Iran’s missile defense are of political nature, he said adding that the US should heed human rights issues in Guantanamo and in countries in the region that are among the US allies.
The world should be quite confident that Iran’s missile industry is of defensive nature, Rafsanjani said.
On Iran’s accession to the World Trade Organization, he said that after end of imposed war in 1988 and the reconstruction era, Iranian government got prepared to join the global economy and consultations have been made with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on WTO accession.
The people and officials should be well prepared to enter the global market, Rafsanjani said.
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