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Rallies across Europe to push for lifting Israeli siege on Gaza

5 June 2016 12:34


A series of rallies was staged by a consortium of  Pro-Palestine organizations and forums across Europe to push for lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza.   The Palestinian Forum in Denmark and the Palestinian Youth Assembly in Denmark staged a sit-in in the streets of Aarhus city.

The rally-goers lifted banners denouncing the Israeli siege on Gaza and slamming the silence maintained by the international community as regards the tragic situation endured by Gazans.   The rallies fall in line with ongoing celebrations of the Global Week to Break the Siege on Gaza organized by the International and European Campaign to lift the siege. Danish passers-by voiced their solidarity with the Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip and called for lifting the siege.

A similar event was staged on Saturday by the Palestinian Assembly in Germany in the capital Berlin to push for breaking the siege. A series of pro-Gaza events was also held in the French city of Lyon and in Italy, calling for restoring Gazans’ free movement and alleviating the tragedy endured by civilians in the besieged coastal enclave.

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