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IAEA should protect ‘Iran’s confidential nuclear data’

8 June 2016 19:41



Iran’s envoy to IAEA has said he has demanded through a notification to IAEA that it protect Iran’s confidential nuclear data from third party access.

Reza Najafi who was speaking in Vienna after IAEA’s Wednesday session of Board of Governors, informed Iran’s state news agency IRNA of the notification. The session addressed Iran’s nuclear program and approved that activities had been in compliance with UNSC Resolution 2231.

“With the time ticking toward implementation of an important part of the Additional Protocol, when Iran should provide a preliminary report to the IAEA, Iran’s delegation has demanded that the country’s confidential nuclear data be protected from third party and unauthoritative access,” he told the press. “A number of delegations participating in the session, which was relatively short, supported the JCPOA implementation process, highlighting the fact that all parties to JCPOA should remain committed to their obligations.”

“In our Country Address, we reaffirmed that JCPOA has provisioned all sides’ obligations and any action stifling the successful implementation should be avoided,” Najafi emphasized.

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