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Syrian Army Repels Terrorists’ Tunnel Attack in Harasta

9 June 2016 19:04



The Syrian army units foiled an attempt by the Takfiri terrorists to infiltrate through a 15-meter deep tunnel into a military checkpoint in Harasta region in Damascus countryside.

The Syrian soldiers discovered the tunnel in Ard al-Khams area in Harasta which was 500 meters long and 160cm wide and stormed it to repulse the terrorists’ attack against a military checkpoint.

A large number of explosive devices were also found inside the tunnel which were dismantled by the army.

Also on Wednesday, the Syrian Army and its allies repelled al-Nusra Front’s offensive in the Southwestern part of Damascus province near the border with Quneitra.

The Al-Nusra Front terrorists launched an attack on the Syrian government troops’ military positions near the border with Quneitra, but the Syrian army forced the terrorist group to retreat from the battlefield without any gain, military sources announced.

The clashes between the Syrian army and Al-Nusra Front terrorists lasted several hours, and at least 20 Takfiri terrorists were killed or wounded.

Meantime, the Syrian army pounded Al-Nusra Front’s positions in the villages of Hassnoud, Zahr al-Asvad and Hareh al-Gharbi, inflicting heavy losses on them.

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