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Rich powers use UN as tool to pursue own interests: Analyst

11 June 2016 11:41


Press TV has conducted an interview with Brian Becker, with the ANSWER Coalition from Washington, and Jihad Mouracadeh, a political analyst from Beirut, to discuss a controversial UN decision to remove Saudi Arabia and its allies from a children’s rights blacklist over the war on Yemen.

Becker says the removal of Riyadh and its allies from the blacklist of child killers proves the UN is not a neutral body seeking to bring justice to the world.

“The United Nations has always been an instrument of the powerful against those who don’t have power,” says Becker, noting that the UN bureaucrats listen to those who “pay the bills and have the money.”

“The children of Yemen are vulnerable and they need someone to speak up for them, but they are not the ones who have a hundred million dollars to donate to the United Nations’ different programs,” he says.

A Yemeni child stands outside the family house which was destroyed several months ago in a Saudi air raid at a slum in the capital Sana’a, on March 12, 2016. ©AFP

Pointing to the reported intention of Saudi Arabia for blackmailing the United Nations, he says “the Saudis don’t want the truth to be told, because they have to maintain the fiction that they are somehow adhering to international law [while] they are violating international law.”

Just like the regime in Riyadh, the US has also used the United Nations as a “fig leaf” to militarily intervene in other nations, the analyst says.

He also criticizes the US administration for remaining silent on the Saudi massacre of Yemeni children and its attempt to buy the world body’s silence on its crimes.

Mouracadeh, however, says the report is impartial as it elaborates on violations of both the Saudi military and Yemeni forces.

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