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Cooperation of popular forces, Iraqi army reason for Fallujah victory

12 June 2016 15:41


Iranian political expert on Middle East issues in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related on the recent victories in Fallujah highlighting the importance of Iraqi forces achievements in Fallujah as the training and plotting hub of terrorist groups.

He added,” These achievements which have been made in several steps, and are not concluded yet, include liberation of settlements, villages and towns surrounding Fallujah including Al Karmah, Al Saqlawiyah and wide area of villages and gardens around and in these cities which have also led to freedom of the besieged people in these areas.

Iranian expert highlighted cooperation of Hash al Shabi forces, Iraqi army, police forces and volunteer tribal forces in the region, participation of volunteers to clear booby traps and anti-terrorist forces with occasional company of Iraqi air force helping other forces with attacking ISIL commander headquarters.

Sabbah Zangene stressed,” Liberation of Fallujah seems to be delayed for a few weeks due to booby traps and explosive traps in most of the houses, allies and streets and also terrorists using the civilians as human shield against Iraqi forces.”

He added, “Fallujah is the training base for ISIL and terrorist forces before deploying them to other cities and it is almost a secret headquarter for ISIL terrorists in other cities.

Political expert concluded,” Putting an end to the life of these terrorists and clearing their nucleus in Fallujah, we can be hopeful that suicide attacks and destruction of other cities will reduce and direct threats against the capital Baghdad will be the least; therefore, liberation of Fallujah will affect freedom of Mosul.

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