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AfD rhetoric similar to that of Nazis: German vice chancellor

13 June 2016 9:35


German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says views expressed by anti-refugee political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) sound very similar to those of his father “who was a Nazi to his last breath.”

Gabriel, who is also Germany’s minister for economic affairs and energy, made the remarks during an interview with the Funke Media Group published on Sunday.

He stressed that the right-wing party was trying to provoke a reaction via its continuous string of outrageous remarks concerning refugees and Muslims.

“Everything that they are saying, I’ve already heard – just to be clear – from my own father, who was a Nazi to his last breath,” he stressed.
Fueled by Europe’s refugee crisis and rising anger against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s asylum policy — according to which over a million refugees have entered Germany — the rise of AfD gained momentum following a double-digit percentage victory in the parliamentary elections in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saxony-Anhalt.

“They want to go back to the repressed old West German republic of the 1960s, when women were still at home and foreigners, gays and lesbians had to be invisible, and where old army songs were sung over a beer in the evening,” Gabriel (seen below) added.

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