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Royal guardsman collapses at UK queen’s birthday ceremony

13 June 2016 17:50



A royal guardsman has gone unconscious in an official celebration marking the 90th birthday of the British queen in central London.

On Saturday, an unidentified member of the Queen’s Guard collapsed and fell on his face during the festivities for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, London and was stretchered away by officials in attendance.

The guard who was taking part in the annual three-day ‘Trooping the Color’ parade fainted in front of thousands of people including the royal family members and while most of his fellow guards remained motionless, three of his comrades rushed over to help him up onto a stretcher and take him off the scene.

The incident happened shortly before the queen and hundreds of dignitaries, leaders and members of the Royal Family, arrived at the cathedral for a special thanksgiving service.

More than 1,500 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians took part in the traditional parade.

It comes just a few weeks after another soldier collapsed during rehearsals for the event in May, while guardsman have collapsed before in recent years including 2013 and 2011.

The reason has been specified as a combination of the temperature, the heavy uniform and bearskin hats the soldiers have to wear during the ceremony.

Trooping the Color (pictured above) has been part of the British monarch’s birthday celebrations since the mid-1700s and often features the monarch arriving on horseback accompanied by long rows of guards and marshals.

The queen has been unable to do so in recent years, but the tradition was kept up by her children Prince Charles and Princess Anne and her grandson Prince William.

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