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The family of captive Sayeh appeals for surgery approval

13 June 2016 10:03


The family of the Palestinian sick captive Bassam al-Sayeh appealed to the human rights and humanitarian institutions to urgently take action and put pressure on Israeli occupation in order to get the approval for conducting an urgent surgery on him.

Prisoners’ Voice radio quoted the wife of prisoner Sayeh, 43 from Nablus, as appealing for saving his life by implanting a pacemaker.

She underlined that he suffers from bone cancer and leukemia in addition to chronic infection in the lungs, osteoporosis and atrophy of the heart muscle.

Mrs. Sayeh said that her husband is struggling with death in light of the Israeli policy of deliberate medical negligence.

He is not able to move, walk or speak and his life is at real risk, she said. Captive Sayeh was arrested on October, 08, 2015 while attending the trial of his wife, Muna Abu Baker. He has been held in custody since then.

He had previously served several years in Israeli jails. Besides, his brother, Amjad, has been imprisoned since 2002 and is serving a 20-year sentence.

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