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Enemy after distancing the youth from religion

14 June 2016 14:40


Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Alamolhoda referred to the efficient usage of “immorality” in the enemies’ invasions in the Islamic world, saying: “When the enemies do not antagonize the Muslims, the best way for them to defeat us is to pull religion out from under the feet of our youth.”

The Supreme Leader’s representative in Khorasan-e Razavi province added that the strength of Iran’s defense is in our young people and as long as they are religious, they will come forth in defense of religion.

“For this reason, when the enemies’ become incapacitated against our defensive and military might, what power do they have against us when the high costs of military action against us do not interest them?” he asked. “They seek to destroy the religiosity among our youth,” he answered.

According to Rasa, his Eminence said that according to the Quran, whenever Muslims follow an individual religion and put aside their social duties, they are at a loss. “While some Muslims think that their Islam will be protected by personal religious rulings, this is a false notion,” he said.

He said that despite all the growth in the Islamic world, the existence of secularism among some Muslims has always been a serious problem. “Such people do not think about the fate of Islam or what is happening in the word where Islam is being eradicated,” he said.

Ayatollah Alamolhoda added that another group who do not pay attention to the social duties of religion, these people have special interest in socio-political issues and think that if they negotiate with the enemies, Iran will be like other countries and enter an arena of international interaction and their comfort will be furthered

The Friday prayer leader of Mashhad said that such people do not accept Wilayat al-Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurisprudent) because they want to serve their own political vision and they believe that this concept is only something from the past.

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