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Over 1’600 Kids victims of Saudi invasion on Yemen

14 June 2016 14:44


Hujjat-ul-Islam Nabil Farooq, deputy of Hezbollah executive, referred to the alarming number of Yemeni kids victimized in Saudi invasions on the country saying when international body includes the Arab kingdom on human rights blacklist, Saudi Arabia threatens the UN with financial sanctions to evade the disrepute, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to continuation of Saudi Arabia’s bloodshed of Yemeni civilians during Ramadan and said,” Those who claim to serve two holy mosques have not stopped bombing of Yemeni people even in Ramadan.”

The cleric noted,” The number of kids victimized during Saudi invasion of Yemen exceeds 1’600 but when international body puts Saudi name on child human rights black list denouncing the massacre of Yemeni children, Saudi Arabia threatened the UN with cutting financial aids and international organization admitted the bully to remove Arab kingdom from the blacklist.”

Lebanese scholar also hailed army and resistance for alleviation of threats by Takfiri (excommunication) terrorists in Lebanon and said the jeopardy is not over yet because Daesh and Al Nusrah Takfiri groups have occupied lands in Arsal and Ba’albak turning the region to a hub of their terrorist crimes and violation of the sovereignty and security of Lebanon.

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