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Zionist regime stages largest-ever war simulation against Hezbollah

14 June 2016 13:37


Israeli military forces have reportedly taken part in the largest-ever simulated war exercise against Lebanon and its resistance movement Hezbollah within virtual reality environment.

Ynetnews, the online publication for Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, compared the exercise to “a giant war videogame, which enlisted more than 150 troops, who drilled “around the clock, for two days.”

It said the troops were drilling at the brigade level, which turned the virtual war game into the biggest yet held.

The forces simulated application of weapons systems, which are either yet to become operational or whose application in live-fire exercise is costly.

“The majority of the new fighting systems being tested out in these simulators…are top secret,” the website added.

Participants were from the Golani Brigade, an elite force which was formed in 1948, a tank brigade from the Israeli military and combat engineers. The exercise also featured a drone squadron.

Hezbollah is credited with defending Lebanon against two wars launched by Israel, the US’s strongest ally in the region, in 2000 and 2006.

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