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Bahrain Ulama: Zionist Regime declared war on Shia Muslims

16 June 2016 19:30



Bahrain religious scholars (Ulama) denounced the repressive, terrorist acts practiced by the authorities against the people and their religious and political components in the context of commenting on the regime’s decision to suspend the activities of the Islamic National Association of al-Wefaq and dissolve al-Tawiya and al-Risala Islamic associations.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Bahrain Ulama considered that the recent developments as a war declaration on the peaceful political opposition, the people’s will and aspirations, and the cultural and religious existence of the Shia sect in the country.

The statement added that the regime’s terrorist escalation reflects its illogical approach and sectarian as well as arrogant policy in face of the peaceful and oppressed people who moved to demand that the authorities grant them their legitimate rights.

The regime is mistaken if it thinks that such repressive acts can eradicate the popular mobility, and al-Wefaq association is not mere headquarters that can be closed or a number of people that can be arrested, yet it reflects the people’s will, mobility and ambitions, according to the statement which also hailed the vital role of al-Tawiya association in sustaining the bright Bahraini thought.

Bahrain Ulama finally asserted that the popular mobility will continue because it is based on religious and human grounds despite all the regime practices which would reinforce the popular conviction of the necessity of change and reform.

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