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Syrian Army Capture Vast Regions in Lattakia Near Turkish Border

16 June 2016 19:42



The Syrian army and popular forces deployed in the Northwestern province of Lattakia retook more regions and villages near the borders with Turkey.

“The resistance forces could purge the Chechnian and Caucasian terrorists from al-Shahrourah village, Tal al-Hayat hill, heights 502, 559 and 469 and a part of al-Rowaisi mountains,” a field source said on Thursday.

According to the source, the operations, supported by the Russian fighter jets, powerfully continue towards the Turkish borders.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops continued to beat back the terrorist groups near the town of Kassab and captured more heights near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian soldiers’ heavy offensive inflicted a heavy death toll on the militant groups and forced them to pull their forces back from more positions near the village of Ein Issa, Hasam farms and heights 616 and 474 in the Eastern side of Kassab border town.

The army retook full control over Ein Issa, Hasam farms and heights 616 and 474.

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