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PHOTOS: Saudi Arabia Transfers Its Southern Borders Security to Israel

18 June 2016 19:21

Saudi Arabia Transfers Its Southern Borders Security to Israel + Photos

A Leaked document reportedly revealed the direct command of the Saudi defense minister to leave the “security” of the country’s southern border to an Israeli company.

Defense Minister and the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud has ordered the border guard commander of country’s southern areas to cooperate with an Israeli company to opposite the Houthis attacks by planting the Saudi-Yemeni border with mines and bombs and to explode them after the Saudi-led coalition forces withdraw the region.

According to Yemeni “Najm Alsaqb” website, this document revealed the defeat of Saudis’ aggression in Yemen to establish an effective international coalition against the Houthis and when they see their forces cannot counter with Houthi and Yemeni forces, they asked an Israeli company called “almajal G4S”, and in exchange for 45 million dollars, to take the responsibility of creating obstacles and planting mines in the country’s southern border.

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