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Tens of ISIL Military Vehicles Hit by Syrian Army’s Heavy Fire in Sweida

18 June 2016 12:54



The Syrian Army’s artillery units opened heavy fire at the positions and concentration centers of the ISIL in Eastern Sweida, inflicting major damage on the terrorists’ vehicles.

The Syrian artillery, tipped off by the intelligence agents, targeted the Takfiri group’s strongholds in Mashbak al-Widian East of the village of al-Rashidi, which ended in destruction of a large number of the ISIL military vehicles and the killing or wounding of several terrorists.

Also on Wednesday, the Syrian military forces traced and seized a truck of terrorists carrying a large volume of ammunition, weapons and different types of explosive devices in Northern Sweida.

The Syrian army stormed the ISIL convoy of military vehicles near Kou Hadar region in Northern Sweida and seized the convoy’s cargo.

There were a large volume of weapons and ammunition, including Israeli-made ones, in the convoy heading to the Western desert.

Several members of the ISIL were also killed in the Syrian Army’s attacks.

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