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VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Intensify Anti-Terrorism Attacks in East of Damascus

19 June 2016 18:39


The Syrian Army troops and popular forces launched more attacks on terrorist groups’ strongholds in Eastern Ghouta to pave the ground for pushing the militants back from Mayda’a and Hawsh al-Farah regions, military sources announced Sunday.

“Early this morning, the Syrian government forces targeted Hawsh al-Dawahirah and Hawsh Nasri South of Hawsh al-Fara with heavy artillery and short-range missiles to prevent potential reinforcements of militants into Hawsh al-Farah,” the sources said, adding, “Dozens of Jeish al-Islam fighters have been seriously wounded when the army blew off several entrenches dug to the North of Mayda’a.”

Reports said earlier today that a long tunnel, filled by explosive devices, was detonated under the strongholds of Faylaq al-Rahman’s command-and-control center in Eastern Ghouta by the Syrian Army troops, inflicting major losses on the militants.

Syrian army’s engineering units detonated a long tunnel-bomb under the Takfiri terrorists’ stronghold of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta, which destroyed one more command-and-control center of Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists in the region.

The detonation inflicted a heavy death toll on the militants, FNA reported.

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