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‘Missionaries should counter religious deviations’

20 June 2016 8:57



Speaking at the congregation ceremony held for Prayer Leaders in Qom, head of the Iranian Islamic seminaries asserted, “a key mission of seminary schools, religious missionaries is to safeguard our religious sanctity; As protectors are always obliged to watch out for the thieves entering their confines, Clerics as guardians of Islam also have a responsibility to not let any stranger enter their domicile.”

Pointing at the importance of confronting anti-religion movements and misgivings as another duty of religious missionaries and scholars, he added, “The antagonist makes use of different methods in order to invade cultures; they are aiming at confronting Wilayat al-Faqih (guardianship of the Islamic jurist) and to weaken people’s beliefs; therefore Islamic clerics must work hard to fight these threats,” Hawzah News reported.

According to Hawzah, highlighting the antagonist’s efforts in portraying Islamic Republic as an ineffective and incompetent System of government, Ayatollah Bushehri added, “The enemies plot is to humiliate Islamic Republic, our job as clerics and scholars is to not to sit passively, we must reach out for every method or means needed to vigorously confront the enemies’ evil plots.”

“Another infiltration technique the antagonist use to make their way into the youth and popular communities is to raise different misgiving regarding Islamic teachings in order to force people to lose their faith and certainty; Nowadays, Wahhabi channels together with the other anti-religion media networks are actively working against religion, clerics and particularly Shias,” He concluded.

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