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‘Seminary must be forefront in revolutionary related issues’

20 June 2016 11:16


Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Ebrahim Raeisi, speaking among seminary students of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) seminary, stressed that the seminary should be sensitive to all issues of the revolution, and reiterated, “For seminaries to carry out their mission relating the Islamic Revolution, they have to be up to date, and possess the power to analyze.

“The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about 40 years ago, wrote this book in that conditions of the country and seminaries, and today when we read it, it seems that the contents have been written today” he pointed out the Supreme Leader’s book titled “Outline of Islamic Thought in the Quran”, as an evident example of being up to date and analyzing.

Valuable Opportunity of Being Seminarian
“Fortunately, in the planning system of Imam Mahdi (A.J.) seminary schools, it has been attempted for professors and students to take the most advantage of this time period to learn self-improvement and gain knowledge” member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary of Khorasan, in another part, mentioned the seminary period as a valuable and golden one.

“This establishment has tried to fulfill the orders of the Supreme Leader to develop the seminaries and offer a practical version. Of course, there might be drawbacks, which have to be corrected while continuing the working” he called Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) seminary schools as “competent and role model”.

Hujjat al-Islam Raeisi, expressed his hope that this new plan and lasting movement, while considering the Almighty God, and benefiting from the knowledge and basing on the jurisprudence of Islam, leads to train effective seminary students who are acquainted with different social, political, economic, intellectual and cultural aspects and with a new attitude, they unravel the problems in the social and political life of the people.

Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, also stated some moral advices for seminary students, and while stressing the necessity of self-improvement, said, “The key to the survival of ideas, motivations and works, is the connection to the nature of God Almighty.”

It should be mentioned that Hujjat al-Islam Raeisi, in addition to his speech to the seminary students of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) visited different parts of the schools and spoke to the managers of the establishment.

Hujjat al-Islam Nezafat, the Director of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) seminary schools, during the visit, provided some explanations on the educational structure and activities of the establishment, and said, “Training forces for the Revolution is the most important approach, which the Imam Mahdi (A.S.) seminary schools follow.”

“We believe that the most important principle in this area, is paying attention to educational and moral affairs of seminary students, in line with training them at the level of the Islamic Revolution and with social concerns. Accordingly, noting the various aspects of educational issues in the programs of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) seminary schools have been taken into consideration” he asserted, also expressing the need to strengthen the revolutionary, jihadi and social attitudes in the seminaries.

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