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Syrian Army Smashes ISIL Terrorists Southeast of Aleppo Province

20 June 2016 2:10



The Syrian Army troops opened heavy fire at the gatherings of the ISIL and forced them to retreat from their positions near a main road coming from Hama province to Southeastern Aleppo.

The Syrian military forces repelled the ISIL attacks to penetrate into the government forces’ positions and checkpoints along the strategic road of Ithriya-Khanasser, which ended in the killing or injuring of several militants.

The Ithriya-Khanasser road is under the full control of the Syrian government forces.  Battlefield sources announced minutes ago that after hours of non-stop battle the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) pushed the ISIL back from a strategic square at the Western entrance of the town of Manbij.

“The SDF fighters continued to beat the ISIL back from more position along the road connecting Manbij to Aleppo and captured al-Ketab square, which inflicted major casualties on the terrorists,” the sources said, adding, “Intense battle in now underway in the Western entrance of the town.”

“In the meantime, the ISIL has captured tens of villagers in al-Mohseneh and transferred them to unknown destinations,” they added.

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