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Velayati raps Bahrain move on Sheikh Qassim

22 June 2016 9:28



Secretary General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening Ali-Akbar Velayati in a statement on Wednesday condemned the decision of Bahrain’s Al Khalifah regime to revoke the citizenship of prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim.

The revocation of Sheikh Qassim’s citizenship has surprised all global authorities and international community, the statement added.

He said the bullying government of Al Khalifah is resorting to every measure to survive and go on with its illegal rule.

He said the regime uses such methods as suppressing uprisings, sowing discord among Shias and Sunnis, fanning the flames of ethnic, tribal and religious disputes and ruthless killing of people of Bahrain to gain this objective.

Velayati also advised the Bahraini officials to respect the nation’s right to self-determination and stop oppressing the Bahraini political and religious leaders, Sheikh Qassim in particular.

Bahrain on Monday revoked the citizenship of Sheikh Qassim, claiming that he has been involved in spreading extremism.

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