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Sunni clerics denounce Saudi political treatment of Hajj

23 June 2016 19:37



Sunni clerics of the western cities of Iran told MNA reporter in separate interviews that the Saudi Arabia should apologize to Iranian pilgrims.

“Saudi regime is taking advantage of Hajj rituals to be of service in the attainment of their political ends,” Mehr News Agency’s (MNA) correspondent in Kermanshah summed up the ideas of Sunni clerics he had interviews with.

Mamusta Mulla Rashid Sanaie, who leads the Sunnis in Sarpolzahab county, called the Saudis as the pawns in hands of the arrogant powers of the world and added that, “while the Hajj rituals are the unifying elements of the Islamic world which are feared by the enemies of Islam, the Saudi regime is abusing the congregation of Muslims in Hajj, and is dividing the Islamic world. The holy land of Mecca is being held captive in the claws of the murderous regime of Saudis.”

The remarks of the clerics came after that the KSA refused to cooperate in letting Iranian pilgrims in the Hajj rituals of 2016, despite the efforts made by the officials of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization.

Mamusta Sanaie described the Saudi rulers as the followers of the anti-Islamic policies of the USA and the Zionist regime and added that, “Iranian Muslims, alike Muslims of other nationalities from around the world, have the legitimate right to attend the Hajj rituals, and unfortunately they have been barred from their right because of the prejudicial obstruction of Saudis.”

Mamusta Mulla Hadi Zokaie, a member of clerics’ council of Javanroud County, was another Sunni cleric who in his talk with the MNA reporter denounced the Saudis’ political benefiting from religious rituals of Hajj.

“The al-Saud should shoulder the burden of such a big sin, as preventing pilgrims from observing the pilgrimage rituals is a big vice in Islam,” he warned the Saudi monarch of the consequences of their political treatment of the Hajj.

Manusta Mulla Abdollah Ghafouri, the Imam of Ravansar county, Manusta Mulla Omid Wali, the Imam of Shamshir village of Pave County, and Manusta Mulla Mohammad Mohammadi, the Imam of Kermanshah’s Sunni community, were the other clerics who voiced their satisfaction with Saudi Arabia’s measure in de-railing Iranian pilgrims from the rituals of this year.

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