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PICS: Daesh Leader Compound in Manbij

24 June 2016 23:28
PICS: Daesh Leader Compound in Manbij Seized BY YPG after Baghdadi Fled

PICS: Daesh Leader Compound in Manbij Seized BY YPG after Baghdadi Fled


ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi’s desert mansion complete with swimming pool and private zoo is found abandoned amid claims the Baghdadi fled from Syria after Attacks on Raqqa and Manbij.

A picture of the compound in Manbij, Syria, was posted online by Iraqi fighter Serdar Mahmud who said it featured a swimming pool and even a zoo with camels and horses.

Mahmud pictured himself on the roof of the Baghdadi’s mansion along with the caption: ‘note the camels and a few horse… Al Baghdadi had a zoo.’

He goes on to claim al-Baghdadi is in the Iraqi city of Mosul, despite earlier reports that the ISIS mastermind may have been killed.

Mahmud appears to be loyal to the People’s Protection Unit, a Kurdish group created to battle ISIS in northern Syria and Iraq.

Baghdadi’s mansion was seized by YPG fighters ever since he fled after being wounded during an airstrike on Raqqa in Syria.

Last week, reports emerged that the 44-year-old may have been killed in the US attack.

But there have previously been reports that al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed himself caliph of all Muslims two years ago, has been killed or wounded, which turned out to be untrue.

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