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Bahrain: Despite Crackdown Protesters Watch Sayyed Nasrallah Speech

25 June 2016 21:37



Despite brutal crackdown by Bahraini regime, protesters near Ayatollah Sheikh Issa al-Qassem’s home were keen to watch speah of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

Pro-democracy protesters, along with scholars and rights activists have been for days staging a sit-in in front of Sheikh Qassem’s house, in protest against Manama’s decision to strip the leading Shia cleric of his citizenship.

Al-Manar correspondent in Manama reported that the Bahraini protesters in Diraz were waiting for Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech, before watching it attentively through their mobiles.

The move was despite the block of al-Manar by Al-Khalifa regime, our correspondent said.

In his speech on Friday, Sayyed Nasrallah denounced the Bahraini regime’s decision, noting that the Bahrainis have resorted always to the peaceful track and that the authorities of Al Khalifa, directed by Al Saud, rejected to reach a political solution.”

“Al Saud dynasty is worried about the outcomes of the Bahraini revolution which may push the Saudis to follow the same pattern,” Sayyed Nasrallah said during Hezbollah ceremony to mark the 40th day since the martyrdom of the military commander Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine (Zulfikar).

Al-Manar correspondent in Manama said protesters near Sheikh Qassem’s house praised Sayyed Nasrallah for his supportive stance with the Bahraini people.
The protesters vowed to go ahead with their rightful demands as well as defending Sheikh Qassem against the regime decision, our correspondent added.

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