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Hamas: Israel’s ongoing crimes force the Palestinians to respond

25 June 2016 18:06



The Hamas Movement has said that the Israeli occupation’s persistent crimes against the Palestinians oblige them to retaliate and confront it with more attacks. In press remarks, Hamas spokesman Husam Badran reiterated his Movement’s vow to avenge the blood of all martyrs, uphold the path of resistance, and continue its support for al-Quds intifada (uprising).

Badran stressed that the cold-blooded killing of a Palestinian child from Beit Ur al-Tahta village in Ramallah a few days ago vindicated further that Israel would never stop its crimes against the Palestinians.

The Hamas official also hailed all the Palestinian youths who carried out “heroic” operations in revenge for the Palestinian blood and the desecration of the holy sites. He applauded, in particular, the car-ramming attack that was carried out by a young woman on Friday near Kiryat Arba settlement in al-Khalil, stressing that such operations reflect the Palestinian people’s adherence to the resistance option.

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