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Brexit ‘a cue’ for far-right groups to target Muslims: Analyst

26 June 2016 12:08


Press TV has conducted an interview with Shabbir Razvi, a political commentator from London, and former British MP Derek Conway from Newcastle, to discuss the future of the British empire and Europe after UK leaves the European Union following the Brexit vote.

Razvi believes that Britain’s exit from the European Union will bring a number of old and forgotten problems up to the surface, including Scotland’s bid for independence and the issue of Northern Island.

“But I think more fundamental to that what is happening in the last 24 hours is that the right-wing fascist groups which were very keen for Britain to exit the European Union have taken this as a cue to create more difficulties for Muslims,” he said.

Conway rejected Razvi’s views over the future of Muslims in Britain, saying that Jews, Muslims, and Christians are living in Britain “in legal harmony.”

“That is not really the issue why the United Kingdom has voted by a clear majority to leave the EU,” Conway argued. “It is really about the issue of uncontrolled borders which, because of negligence of some of the European countries, has gone beyond acceptability.”

Conway said unlike France which “is geographically five times greater than the United Kingdom but has smaller population,” Britain is a small island which has seen its population grow in a handful of years to 65 million now.

“So, people have just had enough really,” he said.

“It’s like having someone come to your house for dinner and you make them very welcomed and they’re a great friend but if they decide to stay the night and then the week and then the month may be not such a good friend and that’s the situation the British people got to with Europe,” he said.

“It cost us an awful lot of money. We’ve lost control about democracy and on Thursday, independence day in the United Kingdom, we got it back,” Conway added.

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