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‘US-Made’ UAV Shot down over Iraq’s Fallujah

26 June 2016 14:50



A security source in the Western city of Fallujah said the Iraqi forces have shot down a “US-made” spying drone over the the newly liberated city.

“The downed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been monitoring Iraqi forces positions to transmit the information to the ISIL terrorists,” the source told Sputnik’s Arabic-language service on Sunday.

The source insisted the “UAV was shot down” over the newly liberated city of Fallujah, apparently in an attempt to head off any possible ISIL allegation that the drone fell due to a technical issue.

Iraqi military officials declared full liberation of Fallujah on 17 June, after the two-year-long ISIL control over the strategic city.

Iraqi government troops continued their advances by winning back new strategic regions. The police and security forces have seized back several towns and villages in the vicinity of Fallujah since they managed to liberate the key Western city.

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