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Intensified Offensive Launched against Terrorists Southwest of Damascus

27 June 2016 17:01


The Syrian army units, supported by the air force, pounded the al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham’s positions in Deir Khabeyah village East of Khan al-Shih, Southwest of Damascus province.

The Syrian warplanes heavily bombarded the terrorists’ centers in al-Abbasiya farms in Khan Shih region, inflicting damage and losses on militants.

Also, the Syrian army units launched massive attacks on the terrorists near Deir Khabeyah and Khan Shih farms from Abbasiya and al-Qosour regions in the Western parts of Damascus province.

Dozens of deaths and injuries were reported among the militants in the region.

In a relevant development in Damascus on Sunday, the Syrian army foiled an attempt by the Takfiri terrorists to seize back their lost military positions outside the city of Douma.

The Jeish Al-Islam terrorists launched a large-scale assault outside the city of Douma to recapture the positions that they lost to the Syrian Army, but they were pushed back.

“The Takfiri terrorists used a tunnel to sneak into the Syrian Amy’s defense lines in the Eastern part of Douma, but to no avail because the Syrian army pushed them back,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted battlefield sources saying on Sunday.

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