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Jordan’s Army Prevents Humanitarian Aids from Approaching Syrian Refugees

28 June 2016 19:02



International aid workers disclosed that the Jordanian army has blocked food aid cargoes from reaching the Syrian refugees camps in Jordan for several days.

“The foodstuff cargoes that are usually sent to al-Rakban camp where the Syrian refugees are stationed have been stopped for the sixth consecutive day,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted a spokesperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Haleh al-Shamlawi as saying on Tuesday.

She reiterated that only some drinking water tankers are allowed to reach the refugee camp, and said, “Jordan has banned the entry of food aid convoys for the Syrian refugees and we are seriously concerned about the deterioration of the situation of the Syrian refugees.”

Meantime, a regional spokesperson of the World Food Program Dina al-Qasbi said that the food reserves of the refugees will end soon, adding, “This is very concerning.”

Jordan had previously announced that anyone crossing the Syrian border into Jordan would be labeled and treated as a terrorist and not a refugee.

Jordan’s political and military experts have warned against the new wave of flow of terrorists into Jordan after the recent defeats of the terrorist groups across Syria, specially their recent defeat in Dara’a province, media reports said.

“Tight security measures should be established along the borders between Jordan and Syria as terrorists are heading towards Jordan,” the Arabic-language al-Qad newspaper quoted Jordanian experts as saying on Wednesday.

The Jordanian military experts underlined the strategic importance of the Syrian army’s recent victories in Sheikh Meskeen, warning that hundreds of terrorists are escaping Syria’s bordering province of Dara’a to take shelter in Jordan.

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