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Suspicious Object in Iran’s Boeing 737 Plane Delays Tehran-Mashhad Flight

28 June 2016 18:34



The Iranian flight security guards found a suspicious object on a Boeing 737 passenger plane and evacuated all passengers from the aircraft minutes before its takeoff for a flight to the Northeastern city of Mashhad on Tuesday.

The flight No. 022 of Caspian airline was heading to the holy city of Mashhad in Northeastern Iran from the capital city of Tehran on Tuesday after checking all passengers, but it was stopped before starting takeoff on the runway and after the security guards found a suspicious object, Tasnim reported.

The passengers were evacuated rapidly and the plane was guided to the parking area at Mehrabad airport for further investigation.

After five hours of security checks, the security guards reported no threat and the passengers were again on board to continue their travel.

Deputy Commander of Iran’s Flight Security Guards Corps announced in January that the country has thwarted at least 126 plane hijacking attempts in the last three decades.

“Since the establishment of the IRGC Flight Guards Corps 31 years ago, we have had 26 cases of clashes in the sky,” Lieutenant Commander of IRGC’s Flight Guards Corps Colonel Gholamreza Mirzayee said, adding these clashes have all ended after killing, wounding or arresting the hijackers.

“Also, in at least 100 other cases, the potential hijackers have been captured on the ground and before starting their operations,” he added.

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