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No media ban in war region of Syria while it is always after any blast in Turkey

29 June 2016 23:38

media ban


Below are the exclusive videos to read the Turkey’s story properly.



haluk varlı

VIDEO- Mothers of Turkey, “DOWN WITH! Let Erdogan send his ministers and sons to military service!”

For YouTube Link:


VIDEO- The moment when people of Turkey booing, attacking Turkish Health Minister


EXCL. VIDEO: These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack but…

These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack but…

Below archieve may help you understand who PKK is.

What is PKK and who is PKK?

Does PKK actually represent Kurdish People?

Who established PKK?

For what PKK was established?

Here the answers as follow:




1- According to the confession above both Turkish and Kurdish people are betrayed under PKK card. Kurdish people and Turkish soldiers who are already the sons of this land have been killed under this PKK card. Kurdish people and Turkish people are being killed by the same center that is already under the command, control of Israel. The eastern, southeastern part of Turkey is being evacuated and the people there are being killed for the GREATER ISRAELI PROJECT.

The confession video by Yeğen Beyler, the translator of Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence and anti- terror unit, shows that they had two different clothes and weapons in their car truck. Both PKK cloth and PKK guns along with Turkish soldiers cloth and guns. No doubt that Kurdish and Turkish people have no problems just like we Sunnis and Alawetes have no problems for centuries here in Turkey. They tried to ignite division between Alawetes and Sunnis during 1980s, but they FAILED because of the brotherhood among people who have already declared their unity even by many intermarriage families. Today we have the same fact among Turkish and Kurdish ones. Many men are marrried Kurdish women and some of their children know Kurdish while some know little. You can never see a fight because of being a Kurd or a Turk here. Below are the answers of people of Turkey to those who tried hard to draw a sectarian picture… (The confession video by Yeğen Beyler )


VIDEO- Besir ATALAY, the Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of AKP, is confessing how their government supported, established PKK in Turkey.



sinister game brotherhood turKurd

Today, many people are being killed under this PKK card. As you know PKK was established by dark powers (?) in 1980 to take all free Kurdish movements under their control. PKK leader Abdullah OCALAN, “We do, apply the secret commands of MIT(Turkish Intelligence Service) together,” I have been working for them since the beginning,”


2- After the failure of “Greater Israel” Project in Syria, now they are performing another dirty one in eastern, southeastern part of Turkey under KURDISTAN name with their PKK tool. People of the eastern part of Turkey are killed and forced to evacuate the region for the sake of “The Promised Land”. Turkish government imposed a broadcast ban in the region where thousands of people are killed under terrorism name while the names of terrorists are kept secretly. No names of the terrorists are told to the people. WHY? What is happening in the region? Who are the masked men shooting people randomly? Is this a command from Biden? Once again the people of Turkey understand that none of the parties are representing them as you see all of them in the family photo.



3- If PKK was a kurdish movement, the majority of victims wouldn’t be Kurdish people. PKK was established on Marxism ideology, which is totaly against anyone in Turkey. Today the developments in the region is not a fight of Kurdish people and Turkish people. If you can’t see the whole picture, it is likely you fail reading the true story of Turkey. The eastern part of Turkey is being evacuated for GREATER ISRAELI PROJECT. There is no PKK in Turkey, which is for people. PKK is the one creating excuses for israeli servants to apply the dirty plans in the region. If you are still unable to read through this perspective, it is possible that you are reading the events the way Turkish government want. Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of PKK, says, “We do, apply the secret commands of MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) together,”





inside pkk

PKK was established by enemies of people of Turkey and enemies of Islam at the border with Iran to prevent effect of honorable Revolution of Iran, which can be easily accepted by people of Turkey, especially Muslim Kurds living mostly in the eastern part of Turkey. PKK was established on the Marksist ideology in order to have a SHARP distance from real Islam that is the choice of every free person. By establishing, financing, arming, training PKK, the other Free Kurdish movements out of the control of Turkish government were finished gradually. Ocalan has no difference from other politicians in Turkey. Ocalan, “We do, apply the secret commands of MIT(Turkish Intelligence Service) together,” They graduated from the same schools. Some of them became politicians and some of them chose to maintain their service for “The Promised Land” by pretending to resist against government. Throughout their history they have played well, and never targeted the leaders of both sides of the same coin. Oppressed Kurdish people have always been the target of both sides under different excuses.
[Photo: Abdollah Catlı of MHP (Turkish Nationalist party, and Abdollah Ocalan of PKK ( So called Kurdish movement) playing soccer together.)


5- Molla Mostafa Barzani, the father of Masoud Barzani “If we succeed in our goals, I am ready to be 51st principality (state) of USA”
When Barzani visited Turkey once, his first visit was to MIT (Intelligence Service of Turkey)



Turkey and Barzani’s Kurdistan dream that Kurds are workers and Zionists are rulers is collapsing thanks to the victorious in Syria and Iraq. Zionist Jewish Barzani gets into panic when he understands that his turn is coming soon.



There were many Kurdish movements like DDKD, Ala Rızgari, etc. in 1970s in Turkey which were not under the control of Government. PKK was established in order to control those free groups. All other Kurdish movements were finished by strengthening PKK.

Hezbollah (Actually HezboSatan) was established to control and finish all other İslamic movements in Turkey. In order to introduce this so-called Hezbollah (this name was intentionally chosen to create a bad image for Lebanese Hezbollah) the government create an artificial war between PKK and HezbolSatan for several years. Hezbol Satan was presented as an Islamic one by media.
After this game, Intelligence, HezbolSatan and PKK were honored by Barzani in Iraq’s ZAHO. All of them were signed a peace deal. When so-called islamic HezbolSatan signed peace deal with PKK, this so-called islamic group under government control attack real Muslims across Turkey and killed thousands brutally just the way of ISIL today. With all kinds of help (just like ISIL) these killers broadened their massacres silently, which is UNFORTUNATELY not known by world media. These terrorist HezbolSatan movement forced all Muslims to take their supports, but martyred thousand others who rejected them. All those events were presented by state media SO NO one could reach the realities but the witnesses. You can think the same of ISIL.

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